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We believe that, sales is only the starting point, whereas the after-sales services will tell you how we bring the added value to you.

     Free training materials for the operation & maintenance of equipments
     On-site support by the experienced technicians from our local dealers
     Prompt reply to urgent questions by email,phone call,or fax within committed time.
     Minimum charges for services after the warranty period to ensure life-time customer care.
     Special price for probe exchange
     Training workshops in different regions from time-to-time

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L200(3.5Mhz)  (Serial No)
C14(6.0Mhz) (Serial No)
L700(7.5Mhz) (Serial No)
C60(3.5mhz) (Serial No)
C12806(6.0Mhz) (Serial No)
C20803(3.0mhz) (Serial No)
C60803(3.5Mhz) (Serial No)
L40807(7.5Mhz) (Serial No)
TV probe with biopsy kit (Serial No)
C20605(5.0Mhz) (Serial No)
L74605(5.0Mhz) (Serial No)
C20815(5.0Mhz) (Serial No)
L64505(5.0Mhz) (Serial No)
L40617(7.5Mhz) (Serial No)
C60613(3.5mhz) (Serial No)
D3C60L(3.5mhz) (Serial No)
D5C20L(5.0mhz) (Serial No)
D7L40L(7.5mhz) (Serial No)
C20613(3.0mhz) (Serial No)
L74615(5.0mhz) (Serial No)
C20615(5.0mhz) (Serial No)
C12616(6.0mhz) (Serial No)
D3P64L(3.0mhz) (Serial No)
D6C12L(6.0mhz) (Serial No)
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