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SonoTouch 30

Get in touch with the future of ultrasound

The confusing buttons and keyboards of yesterday's ultrasound systems can get in the way of health care. It is time to switch to SonoTouchTM and experience the amazingly intuitive user interface designed to help the way you work,with the performance you need.

With SonoTouch's Advanced Features,You're Good to Go

·   Boots up fast -in 30 seconds
·   Long battery life-up to 2.5 hours
·   Compact and durable
·   High -resolution LED screen
·   Portable stand with adjustable viewing angles
·   Versatile digital image and report management software
·   USB,DICOM 3.0(optional)



  • R7

    5-10MHz Transvaginal

  • MC5V

    4.5-7MHz Micro-Convex

  • V6

    4-7.5MHz Transvaginal

  • P3

    2.5-4 MHz Phased Array

  • MC6

    4-8 MHz Micro-Convex

  • MC3

    2.5-5 MHz Micro-Convex

  • L7S

    5-11MHz Linear

  • L7M

    5-10MHz Linear

  • C3

    2.5-5 MHz Convex

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